Conex Storage Containers from Boxy It

Are you sick and tired of using horrible containers that don’t handle too well with rough materials and it broke? As a construction worker, you want something that could do things right of holding items inside the container. How about a new type called the “Conex Storage Containers?” Boxy It, a company that I own, is responsible for making this happen.

We created the products for a few reasons. It is meant for construction workers to find a way to use a reliable, more durable type of containers that are meant for heavy duty kind of tasks. Unfortunately, you don’t see too many containers that can withstand the harsh conditions while working on construction sites. To fulfill this calling in life, I decided to change the situation and do what my dad used to do which is to create the storage containers.

Buy a Conex storage container for fulfilling its mission. Not only will it hold too many things but it’s mainly meant for construction workers that needed it the most. When you have too many things to hold, a container such as this one would solve the problem.

A Conex container is not as cheap as what most are made these days. In fact, it is made with a durable aluminum kind of material that can withstand such as fire and water. You don’t see this type of containers but it is why I am offering it. I am only charging $50 for small, $80 for medium size and $120 for the largest size that we have available. There are people that complain about it but you would get back what you invest in.

If you still think it is a bit too much for purchasing my products, I can understand why. The price is somewhat high but well worth getting since you are in the construction industry. Once you get to witness and find out that it does its job right, you will come back to our locations.